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Funnel uses a unique approach to establishing a global community to solve the world’s problems for the environment, health, economy, world affairs and politics.

Funnel Ideas approach is to find a positive solution to our problems. Using a forum/blog format, Funnel Ideas will seek out the best solution and relay that information to the people with the power to make the changes such as the appropriate politicians and media entity.

Our community is the web 3.0 generation that uses the web as a transformational rather than a supplemental channel. These are active computer/web users: from college to doctoral students, from political activists to regular citizens around the world. Our community is engaged in building a better future by promoting discussion and a forum for voices to be heard. We see the web as the future of grass roots organizations. is shaping the minds of the next generation who will be dealing with the consequences of decisions made on the issues we all face today. Funnel Ideas is setting the tone for a world wide web community collaboration to resolve issues and help to build a fair, tolerant, healthy planet - unbiased by political or religious affiliation. Most people are not advocates of the far-left or far-right, they just want problems to be solved. We have been listening and now we must be heard.

There are several standard and more integrated opportunities for advertising on Funnel Ideas. Display and rich media advertising are available in the following IAB standard sizes: 728 x 90, 300 x 250 and 160 x 600. In addition, custom sponsorships go beyond the banner to generate deep brand experiences on Funnel Ideas are available.

Please contact us to see how you can make Funnel Ideas part of your next advertising campaign. In addition, we offer Google AdSense as an alternative to display advertising across the site.

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