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About Us is a community website dedicated to the discussion of solutions for the world’s problems. Here you will find solutions and ideas for a wide range of issues that affect all of us. does not have any political or religious affiliation, and our objective is to promote discussion and make solutions more visible to those who are able to implement them.

How it works

Discussion is promoted through feedback on solutions and ideas posted by the team or sent to the website by our users. All users are encouraged to respond on any topic published as many times as they desire. Users can also rate an idea by voting. Multiple solutions for one problem are expected and are welcome. will pick the highest rated solutions and submit them to selective key players who have the power to implement change (disclosing that through, “X” number of people have rated that particular solution “5 stars” and would like a feedback on the solution proposed. )

Our selected key players of power are separated into two large groups: Politicians and The Media. The Political groups include senators, congressmen, presidential candidates, mayors, cabinet members, UN department’s representatives, PAC representatives (Political Actions Groups) etc. The Media group includes multiple TV and Radio anchors, newspaper editors, political website editors, bloggers etc.

The information log of the solutions submitted (consisting of recipients, dates and responses) will be published for users to see. believes that most government solutions are designed to profit the elected players. We believe that if many individual voices can be heard, perhaps one person’s solution can solve the problem. can become the power to be heard and to move information to the media and to the people who have the ability to make change happen.

If this is your first time on Funnel Ideas, don't worry we have a little guide for you...

Visit the category’s links on the left to know about the issues we face nowadays around the world. Different topics are posted under different categories (Health, Environment, etc). Get a sense of what others think would be a good solution and rank them! You can also share the solution with someone else you think might be interested.

Hum, if you read a particular solution and you want to add something to the discussion, just leave a feedback. You would certainly be contributing by posting your insight.

But, if you think you have a cool solution for a problem, and you absolutely need to state your opinion, great! Don't hesitate to post. Don't worry if another solution was already posted for that topic. We want different points of views so the balance can be found. Collaborative solutions are the key, right?

Funnel Ideas team have the mission of submitting the best-ranked solution by our community to influentional people, like media spokesman and politicians. The better ranked ones will appear on "Top ranked solutions sent to media and politicians" on the main page.

Yes, we believe we can build a better world if we come together as one big nation. 

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