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Innovation is key for a company’s survival. Consumers are used to seeking for the latest trend, the latest news. Talk innovation. Or sink. Fast.

Below is a list of business related issues companies and managers face today. Click on to see details and solutions that have been already proposed for them. You can leave a comment or submit your own solution for any of these business issues.

The Monetizing of Facebook
On the cusp of the pricing and issuance of their initial public offering, one might wonder how to monetize this phenom.
Read about The Monetizing of Facebook Read it »1 solutions

The destruction Bear Stearns
What should be done with laid off employees of Bear Stearns?
Read about The destruction Bear Stearns Read it »1 solutions

Home Depot: Why Are You Failing?
Home Depot has lost sight of how to run a store properly.
Read about Home Depot: Why Are You Failing? Read it »1 solutions

Which do you think will be the next world changing inovation?
Robotic workers
Wireless electricity
Nano biomed technology
Clean renewable energy sources

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