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Solutions for Education

Finding solutions for Education

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Education is one of the pillars of every society. It determines the status quo and is powerful enough to modify the future of a nation.

Below there is a list of problems in education we hear and read about everyday. Click to see details and solutions that have been already proposed. You can leave a comment or submit your own solution for any of these educational issues.

Improving public education
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 – What’s next?
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Text messages
Cell phone text messages language has become the pig Latin of today's generation.
Read about Text messages Read it »1 solutions

Would you participate in a initiative like “Give 1, Get 1” (an effort by One Laptop per Child - ) to distribute low-cost computers for 2 billion educationally underserved children in poor countries?
Absolutely - It’s a great project that would provide means to education by giving children a specially made laptop.
Not really, since that’s no guarantee that it would improve education in those countries.

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