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Solutions for World Affairs

Finding solutions for World Affairs

Discussion topics

We live in a world where events around the globe can affect everyone directly or indirectly. The time when a certain national problem was just “their problem” until it affects us, is gone. We are being challenged to understand and accept diversity and to care for those who are in need.

Below, you will find a list of world issues that are open for discussion. Click on the topic title to see details and what has been proposed as a solution for them. You can leave a comment or submit your own solution for any of these world issues.

Drug Trafficking
World Affairs
Drug trafficking generates billions in revenues for drug cartels worldwide, making cartel leaders the richest criminals in the world.
Read about Drug Trafficking Read it »1 solutions

Women in the world
World Affairs
Global Portrait of a Women’s Role in Society; A Tragedy
Read about Women in the world Read it »1 solutions

Human trafficking
World Affairs
According the CIA Factbook 2007, approximately 800,000 people a year are involved in human trafficking. Victims are primarily women and children.
Read about Human trafficking Read it »1 solutions

World Poverty
World Affairs
According the World Bank, world poverty statistics shows that 1.1 billion people live on less $1 a day (extreme poverty) and 2.7 billion on less than $2 a day.
Read about World Poverty Read it »2 solutions

Internet Censorship
World Affairs
The Chinese government, with the help of corporations, has attempted to censor the internet in their country.
Read about Internet Censorship Read it »1 solutions

United Nations competency in world affairs
World Affairs
Human Rights violations in Africa have exceeded catastrophic proportions.
Read about United Nations competency in world affairs Read it »0 solutions

Russia’s Communism gone but not forgotten
World Affairs
Russia enters a new phase in its governing body.
Read about Russia’s Communism gone but not forgotten Read it »0 solutions

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