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Solutions for Economy

Finding solutions for Economy

Discussion topics

The U.S is experiencing more problems with the economy today than in the last several years.

Below you will find a list of economic problems opened for discussion. Click to see details and to read which solution have been proposed so far. You can leave a comment or submit your own solution for any of these economic problems.

Gas Prices Out of Control
Over recent years, gas prices have increased dramatically.
Read about Gas Prices Out of Control Read it »1 solutions

Credit Card Fees
Credit Card companies are making millions by charging exorbitant fees especially late payment fees.
Read about Credit Card Fees Read it »0 solutions

America’s financial crisis
America is going through a financial crisis that dwarfs everything in its past except for maybe the Great Depression.
Read about America’s financial crisis Read it »2 solutions

The credit crunch of home lending
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s share of the blame for the failure of the sub- prime and home loan market.
Read about The credit crunch of home lending Read it »0 solutions

Giving money to Charities and Foundations
Checking up on charities and foundations as to their financial guidelines.
Read about Giving money to Charities and Foundations Read it »0 solutions

Florida hurricane insurance and property taxes
Florida used to be an inexpensive state to have a home, even a second home. Not anymore.
Read about Florida hurricane insurance and property taxes Read it »0 solutions

Our addiction to fossil fuels
The U.S and the World are totally dependent on just a few countries for their oil supply.
Read about Our addiction to fossil fuels Read it »1 solutions

Foreclosure crisis
Easy money creates too many loans, too much debt and too many foreclosures.
Read about Foreclosure crisis Read it »2 solutions

Are ceos overpaid?
Are CEOs pay excessive? Discover what CEOs salaries are and if ceo compensation is just too high.
Read about Are ceos overpaid? Read it »1 solutions

Who should the U.S. government bail out of the credit crisis?
Over extended homeowners
Mortgage Companies
All of the above

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