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Solutions for Health

Finding solutions for Health

Discussion topics

Health care issues are continuously making the headlines. From health topics related to treatments and lifestyle to others more politically related like health care cost and malpractice insurance.

Below, you will find a list of current health topics. Click to see details and how many health solutions where proposed so far for each of them. You can also submit your own solution for any of the health topics.

The cost of prescription drugs
Higher prices are elevating health care costs for the American family.
Read about The cost of prescription drugs Read it »0 solutions

Is injury compensation excessive?
Can insurance companies continue to pay out excessive claims?
Read about Is injury compensation excessive? Read it »0 solutions

Controlling the cost of malpractice insurance
Can doctors earn a living and still pay their malpractice insurance?
Read about Controlling the cost of malpractice insurance Read it »0 solutions

Obesity in America
Americans are facing an ever increasing waistline.
Read about Obesity in America Read it »3 solutions

The Healthcare cost is out of control
Healthcare costs have spiraled out of control due to a lack of oversight.
Read about The Healthcare cost is out of control Read it »1 solutions

Should the U.S. have a National Health Plan or a plan to only help poor?
National Health Plan
Health plan program only for poor people

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